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Mobile Bird Grooming Services in the Mid-Atlantic Region: 
Maryland, Delaware, and Pennsylvania

Tel. 1-302-530-7732

Paula Dominique
Certified Avian Specialist


Paula Dominique is Certified as an
Avian Specialist by the
Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council.

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About Us

I often hear horror stories from owners who have had very stressful experiences at pet shops and vet offices presumably due to inexperienced staff handling and grooming their feathered friends. It is no secret that grooming is a stressful experience for the bird, however, that stress can be minimized when the bird is handled with care and expertise.

No bird enjoys being restrained and it is extremely rare that a bird can be successfully groomed without using some form of restraint. I restrain birds by a papoose method using a towel to wrap the bird in. This enables me to groom a bird safely without any assistance. I encourage owners to remain present for the grooming but understand that some don't feel comfortable hearing their feathered babies make sounds and noises that are designed and made exclusively for the bird groomer!

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Read what our customers have
to say about us:

"...My first experience with bird grooming was at a vets office and it was horrible. My bird was taken to another room as I listened to it scream and was unable to see what was happening, it was then returned to me panting and afraid. I knew there had to be a better way for grooming, I was then introduced to Paula.

She handles my birds with the expertise of a professional and the gentle kindness of an avian friend. Paula works to correct severely overgrown beaks with the birds health and comfort in mind, taking her time and allowing breaks for my feathered children when needed achieving natural beak length and usefulness without undue stress to the bird.

Thank you Paula for making grooming time as pleasant as possible for both me and the birds."

-- Sherry M., Elkton, Maryland


"Paula has groomed my birds for several years. She is the most kind and gentle bird groomer my Husband and I have ever experienced!!! I was so amazed at how well my babies responded to her. With Paula everything goes so quickly as she softly speaks to them. She truly has a gift to handling them like no other bird groomer I have ever seen.

To me Paula is "The Bird Whisper". I lost my contact number where I would meet Paula in Delaware. So I searched old check receipts. And dated back to 2006 I found it Paula's last name (which I had forgotten). I took a chance and googled her name, made the call in hopes I would get the right person! It must of been my lucky day she answered and was so great with me... even offered to do it the next day. I decided to go two days later and drive to her house almost two hours away!!!!!!!!!! It was very nice to see her smiling face, she welcomed me in her home like family.

Her home was beautiful very clean - but what really caught my eye were her cages! They were spotless. How she pulls off a full time job, grooming birds, and keeping everything so tidy is beyond me, Kudos to you Paula : )

I had the opportunity to see her Bird Buggy - WOW so unique and colorful! Job well done. Now we have reunited I feel so relieved my precious babies are back in her care. Thank you Paula!"

-- T.H. Milton, Delaware


"The first time we met Paula we knew right away our birds were in good hands. She truly has the gift to go 1-on-1 with our feathered friends. From small Conures to large Macaws, she has demonstrated her ability to be safe, quick and above all a very loving lady with our birds. We wouldn't dream of taking our parrots to anyone else."

– Charlie and Cathy
   Ocean City, MD


"Paula has been grooming my birds for five years. She is very efficient and gentle with all of my boys and girls. Her prices are very affordable also."

-- C. Olson, Owings Mills,



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