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Mobile Bird Grooming Services in the Mid-Atlantic Region: 
Maryland, Delaware, and Pennsylvania

Tel. 1-302-530-7732

Paula Dominique
Certified Avian Specialist


From Paula Dominique: "I've been a bird lover all my life and had numerous small birds when I was growing up. My aunt raised the bigger birds and fueled my passion for full sized parrots though I never lost my love for the little ones either. I always groomed the small birds myself but utilized the services of a bird vet when I started collecting the bigger cockatoos and macaws. I soon learned that the techniques I used for grooming the small birds were just as effective when used on my big birds and were much less stressful than a trip to the vets office, Therein began my life as a bird groomer as well as a bird breeder and overall bird enthusiast! It started with my own birds but soon spread to include birds that I had raised and sold over the years and to others who found me through friends and clients..."  » Read More About Us
Paulas Bird Grooming
Paulas Bird Grooming
...She handles my birds with the expertise of a professional and the gentle kindness of an avian friend. Paula works to correct severely overgrown beaks with the birds health and comfort in mind, taking her time.. -- Sherry M., Elkton, Maryland

Paulas Bird Grooming

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