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Mobile Bird Grooming Services in the Mid-Atlantic Region: 
Maryland, Delaware, and Pennsylvania

Tel. 1-302-530-7732

Paula Dominique
Certified Avian Specialist



 GROOMING FEES:   $40 per bird.  Families who have more than 5 birds groomed are given a 10% discount.


Paulas Bird Grooming

Henry is papoosed and ready
for grooming.

Paulas Bird Grooming


Male Eclectus "Sydney",
before grooming.

Sydney, after grooming.



Our Services

As we mentioned on "About Us", no bird enjoys being restrained and it is extremely rare that a bird can be successfully groomed without using some form of restraint. I restrain birds by a papoose method using a towel to wrap the bird in. This enables me to groom a bird safely without any assistance. I encourage owners to remain present for the grooming but understand that some don't feel comfortable hearing their feathered babies make sounds and noises that are designed and made exclusively for the bird groomer!

Grooming consists of wings, beaks and nails. Grooming beaks remains controversial in some circles though my experience is that in captivity, birds don't chew as vigorously as they do in the wild despite us filling their cages with colorful toys! It also seems that the older they get, the lazier they become with respect to their chewing. This can result in a certain amount of overgrowth of the beak. The cockatoos tend to develop a "pitch-fork" of their bottom beak while eclectus and macaws tend to overgrow their upper beaks. I use a high-speed dremmel sander with a fine grit paper to sculpt the beaks back to their intended proportions.

I typically recommend grooming every 12 weeks or so, though owners will occasionally call me sooner to let me know that nails have turned into surgical instruments and are making multiple incisions on their arms!

The need for wing trimming is a tougher prediction, as that is dependent on the molting factor! Feathers do not grow like human hair. Once a feather grows in, it remains the same length until it falls out (or molts) and is replaced by a new one. Every bird is different. Some birds molt heavily once or twice a year. Others simply molt out old feathers here and there. If your bird has its wings trimmed and then quickly molts out all the "trimmed" feathers, you can count on him being airborne in a couple weeks!

Overgrown beak before grooming.

Corrected beak after grooming.


Paulas Bird Grooming
Paulas Bird Grooming

"Paula has been grooming my birds for five years. She is very efficient and gentle with all of my boys and girls. Her prices are very affordable also."

-- C. Olson, Owings Mills, Maryland

Paulas Bird Grooming




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